SizeGenetics Review: Is Extender the Best Choice for Male Enhancement?

Under the name of SizeGenetics, a customer will find a device designed to extend the patient’s penis size. Such products have been approved for over-the-counter implementation by FDA, the American regulator in the industry of medicines and medical accessories. An obvious advantage of SizeGenetics is that it was one of the first extenders to be admitted to the market. So you may rest assured this is a valid remedy.

Along with its primary purpose, which is extending the penis size, the product is helpful with some specific conditions like Peyronie’s disease (aka bent penis syndrome) or Micropenis syndrome, even though they are attributed to hormonal failures or inherent genetic abnormalities.

SizeGenetics provides a sound remedy to make your penis longer without surgery, as the latter is typically a painful, expensive and risky procedure. So SizeGenetics can be just what so many men look for on this market.

SizeGenetics – general info about extender

SizeGeneticsAccording to SizeGenetics’ official website, the brand is owned and promoted by a Danish company DanaMedic ApS. Reportedly, the devices are assembled in Denmark and shipped worldwide from the same country.

It is worth mentioning that the website contains detailed contacts of the manufacturer, so everyone can make a call directly to the company, which has its customer support departments not only in Europe (UK), but also in the USA.

As alternative options, a live chat and email are provided. As such, you can reach the team easy and promptly with any questions or requests you may have in relation to this product. This high level of availability is a plus and makes the manufacturer outstanding as compared to its numerous competitors.

Whom Is SizeGenetics for?

SizeGenetics extender was designed as a response to the huge demand for a safe and effective remedy able to affect the penis length advantageously. Given the penis size is the issue so many men focus on, this is a timely solution aiming at meeting their needs. Along with elongating the penis physically, the correction boasts another advantageous effect, specifically the self-esteem improvement, which efficiently adds to a man’s sexual performance.

To summarize, this device is a noteworthy solution for those who are concerned about their penis size and seek to achieve a more relaxed and outstanding behavior in bed.

How It Works

SizeGenetics is a device taking advantage of the penis traction approach. It applies a continuous gentle stretching force to the male organ thus stimulating the Corpora Cavernosa cells to actively regenerate and multiply in the direction of the penis shaft. The secret is that this tissue is responsible for admitting the blood flow to the penis and holding it there during erections. So the more Corpora Cavernosa you have, the bigger your penis is. For more information you may look penis enlargement FAQ.

A significant advantage of this method over topical surgery is that SizeGenetics exploits natural processes that occur in the human body and just intensifies them. Cell splitting is a continuous process, and it only needs to be promoted. Adding new cells to the penis’s cavernous chambers actually means bigger blood volumes can be supplied to it and hold within, which has a direct correlation with the quality of erections.

As the force applied is gentle and controlled, the patient experiences no pain at all. The level of discomfort is minimum.

Possible Side Effects

Prior to using any medical device or remedy, every patient wants to make sure it is not only effective, but also safe enough. Nobody wants to make his penis bigger at the expense of the health and functions of other body organs. So being aware of possible side effects is of a primary importance, even when they are claimed to be extremely rare.

As for SizeGenetics, there is no trustworthy data base yet to make conclusions on the subject. No adverse body reactions or side effects have been officially reported. While this lack of the information can be considered as a drawback, the absence of negative reports is a benefit, of course.

That being said, SizeGenetics deserves taking a chance as there are few options on the market which can boast high effectiveness with 100% safety. Any risks of injury are almost excluded when the device is used reasonably and in full compliance with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

How to Use It?

SizeGenetics being an easy-to-use device is another weighty argument to consider. The only requirement is that it should be worn for six months or longer, 3-5 hours a day minimum. This kind of timeline will ensure a noticeable effect.

To start using the product, the patient just has to attach it to his penis and leave it down there. The device will do what it has to do continuously and steadily.

If any discomfort or pain occurs, you can remove the device any time to make a pause for a couple of days. Please, be advised that this kind of situation is very likely during the first two weeks of application. So there is nothing to worry about; just keep going to your goal. To avoid such problems, SizeGenetics has been provided with adjustable rods to allow patients have a full control over the traction force.

Just like with any activity, avoid overdoing. Set your goal and act gradually towards it. The final effect depends on the duration of the application rather than on the force itself.

Customer Review Generalization

SizeGenetics seems to be the rare case when almost all reviewers provide positive feedbacks. Reportedly, customers are satisfied with what they get from using the device. No side effects or safety problems have been reported up to this day.

The SizeGenetics website also provides before and after pictures sent by actual users. Based on these evidences, a noticeable effect can be achieved in just several weeks.

It is worth mentioning also that there are some reviews from medical professionals on the website, and they are positive too.

How to Purchase SizeGenetics?

The product is available for orders from the manufacturer’s official website. Buying via this legitimate channel is the guarantee that you will receive a valid device rather than its fake imitation, which are, unfortunately, numerous out there.

The authenticity comes at a price, so looking for cheaper offers would be a vicious practice. Fraud products are never able to provide the desired effect fast and safely.

For customers’ convenience, the manufacturer offers several different packages on its website, so everyone can choose what suits his preferences best. There are options ranging from $199.95 to $299.95, and discounts have been already applied.