Penis Enlargement Pumps - difference between Water and Air Pumps

Everything That You Need to Know About Penis Enlargement Pumps

For centuries, men have been asking how they can enlarge the natural size of their penis in a safe and effective way. The subject of penis enlargement is greatly debated and considered taboo, but information should be accessible to all men who feel their bodies are not up to their own standard. When a subject is shamed, it allows for exploitation.

There are hundreds of snake oil products on the market that claim they can enlarge the size of one’s penis, but most of them are hoaxes designed to steal your money. There are only a handful of methods that actually promise results and, naturally, everyone’s body is different. Sometimes men react differently to the same product.

However, one of the most universally effective ways to enlarge the size of the penis is through penis pumps. Men all over the world have had success with these products. Some even claim to have added multiple inches onto the overall length of their penis while erect. While many products on the market are scams, penis pumps are one of the few genuine ways to enlarge the size of your penis.

So What is a Penis Pump? What Does a Penis Pump Do?

Penis pumps are devices that use suction to increase the blood flow to the penis while gently stretching it out, increasing length and girth. They were first invented to help treat erectile dysfunction but it was quickly discovered that they helped with other problems as well. Men all over the world use penis pumps and they are considered the best method of enlargement.

There are two types of penis pumps: standard air pumps and hydro pumps. They essentially both work the same way, by using pressure and suction to stretch out the penis. However, more and more men are beginning to prefer the hydro penis pumps over the air-based ones, as they tend to be a little gentler on the body.

How Does a Penis Pump Work? How Do I Use One?

All penis pumps come with three essential parts. The pump, a cylindrical chamber, and an airtight seal. Using a penis pump is actually quite easy, it only takes a few steps. In order to operate a pump, you will need to…

  • Step One:
    Assemble your device, connecting the pump to the top of the cylindrical chamber and the water-tight seal to the opening on the other side.
  • Step Two:
    Place your penis in the cylinder and make sure the airtight seal is pressed firmly against the base of your penis.
  • Step Three:
    Depending on if your penis pump is manually operated or electrically operated, turn your penis pump on or begin to use the hand pump.
    This process pulls the air out of the cylinder, creating a vacuum that causes blood to flow to the penis. The suction causes tension that can gently stretch your penis out, increasing its size and even girth.
  • Step Four:
    Release pressure and then repeat, using up to four times per session.
    It is important to give your penis breaks in between each use. You can damage the tissue of your penis by not being gentle enough.

To see permanent gains in the size of your penis, you must use a penis pump up to two times a week for multiple months. The time varies from person to person. Some men see an increase in the length and girth of their penis in just two weeks, but for others, it can take up to two months. When it comes to penis pumps, just be patient and make sure to use the device at least four times a month to see permanent results.

Hand-Operated Pump or Electronic?

Overall, many men prefer to use hand-operated penis pumps. It gives them more control over the pressure that the suction causes and allows them to stop increasing it at any time. Electronic pumps can be somewhat dangerous if they malfunction or if the automated pressure is simply too intense. Using a hand-operated penis pump allows for you to decide what is too little and what is too much and gives you finer control over the process.

What Are the Differences Between Air And Water Pumps?

Both Air and water penis pumps are designed to enlarge the penis through suction but do so through different methods. Using the handball pump of the traditional air-based penis pump pulls air out from the cylinder and creates pressure through the vacuum-like suction that occurs. Because of this, the air pump can be used anywhere in your home.

However, hydro penis pumps, or “water pumps,” have to be used in a bathtub while you bathe and are vastly more expensive than their waterless counterparts. They work the same way as the air penis pumps, but instead of the cylinder being filled with air, the chamber is filled with water. Using the hand-operated pump pulls water from the cylinder and creates the same kind of suction-based pressure.

Which Are the Best Penis Pumps? Air or Water Pumps?

As the technology for water-based penis pumps increases, more and more men are throwing out their old air pumps and switching to hydro penis pumps, and for good reason. Hydro penis pumps work the same way, but their benefits extend further than their counterparts. Being able to surround your penis with warm water softens the tissue and makes it more flexible. Having tissue that is able to expand easily is exactly what you want when you are trying to increase the length and girth of your penis.

Water vacuums also create a more powerful suction that does not stress-out the tissue as much as air-based ones do. The benefits of a hydro penis pump, compared to an air pump, far outweigh the cost difference and clearly make hydro pumps the superior product.

How Do I Use a Hydro Penis Pump?

how to use water penis pump stepsUsing a hydro penis pump is similar to using an air-based one, but requires more steps:

  • Step One:
    Fill a bath for yourself and make sure your water is very warm. You want the warm water to soften the tissue of your penis and make it even more flexible, as this is one of the major benefits of a hydro pump.
  • Step Two:
    Assemble your device. Connect the handball pump to the cylinder and then connect the water-tight seal to the bottom of the chamber. Fill the chamber of your hydro penis pump with water.
  • Step Three:
    Place your penis inside the cylinder, making sure that the air-tight seal is placed firmly against the base of your penis.
  • Step Four:
    Begin to use the handball pump to remove water from the chamber and create suction around your penis.
  • Step Five:
    Repeat up to four times, giving your penis breaks in between each instance, just like you would with an air pump.

Penis Enlargement Pumps or Penis Enlargement Pills? Is One Better?

Penis enlargement pumps have been the most popular method of extending the size of one’s penis for many years now. But is this based on stigma or facts? Many men believe that penis enlargement supplement pills are a hoax, and rightfully so as many are. However, is it true that all penis enlargement pills are a scam? Let’s talk about the pros and cons of both products.

Penis Enlargement Pills:

Penis enlargement pills claim that their body-safe ingredients encourage the penis to grow in size, usually through the use of hormones. However, as stated above, many pills do nothing at all and are pure scams. On top of that, when buying penis enlargement pills, always read about the brand and where they are manufactured. Some brands make their product outside the USA and use ingredients that are not FDA-approved, which means they could do harm to your body. Always shop wisely.


  • They usually contain vitamins, minerals, and hormones, like DHEA. Besides enlargement, they can give your body a helpful boost.
  • They contain ingredients like Damiana, which is a herb used to treat erectile dysfunction.
  • Sometimes they include ingredients like ginseng, which gives a much-needed boost to your metabolism on top of enlargement.


  • Penis enlargement pills are very expensive, usually upwards of fifty American dollars per bottle. Over time, this expense quickly outweighs the cost of a hydro penis pump.
  • Many simply do not do what they promise. They can give your body a helpful boost in many ways, but there is a lot of room for scams and disappointment.
  • Some penis enlargement pill companies even run credit card scams, so it is best to thoroughly research before buying.

Penis Enlargement Pumps:

Penis enlargement pumps work by putting physical strain on your body, which can make some men weary of trying them. When it comes to pumps, always research the brand and make sure they use body-safe materials. Now, let’s get to the pros and the cons of buying a pump.


  • They provide instant results for temporary enlargement for intercourse. When used regularly, they provide a permanent enlargement.
  • No side effects
  • They can help treat conditions such as erectile dysfunction.
  • Pumps only have one price tag, the initial cost. There are no extra fees and no monthly payments.


  • They can be somewhat painful to use at first.
  • A hydro pump can cost upwards of $100 USD upfront.
  • It takes time to get results, sometimes up to three or four months depending on the man.

So Which Is Better?

It is clear by looking through the evidence that penis enlargement pumps are better than enlargement pills. While pills offer all kinds of benefits when it comes to their ingredients, some of them simply just do not cause enlargement. It can be very expensive to play “hit or miss” when trying to find an enlargement supplement that can actually work for you.

However, penis enlargement pumps do actually enlarge your penis. The downside is that they are quite expensive and take time to show results, but they do give permanent increases to length and girth. When you buy a penis enlargement pump, you can be utterly sure that it will do what it promises, which clearly makes it the superior product. Why would you buy something that only sometimes works instead?

Is it Safe to Use a Penis Pump?

The safety of using a penis pump largely depends on if you are using it as instructed and not going overboard in hopes for faster results. If correctly operated up to a maximum of four times in one session twice a week, a penis pump is perfectly safe to use on your body. They are made to help treat erectile dysfunction and enlarge the size of the penis, so the science behind them is solid and body-safe.

However, using them too frequently or going overboard during a session can cause the sensitive tissue of your penis to tear. When that kind of tension is put on your body too often, the stress of it will lead to doing exactly the opposite of what you actually want. When you exercise a muscle, you want to actually cause small tears in the muscle tissue and then let them heal, as it is how building muscle works.

However, it is important to remember the penis is not a muscle. While it can be compared to one when speaking about enlargement, it does not function like one, so tearing the tissue is not what you want. Tearing will only damage the performance of your penis and can actually cause erectile dysfunction.

When it comes to the safety of penis enlargement pumps, it is important to always read the instructions that come with your pump. Additionally, only use it as regularly as the manufacturer suggests, as they understand their product best. If there is no recommended usage on the instructions for your product, always remember twice a week and no more than four times in one session.

How to Choose the Best Penis Pump For Your Body

When it comes to purchasing a penis pump, treat the process as you would for any other product online. Thoroughly research potential purchases and try to find pumps from reputable sources. While it is less likely that a pump will result in a scam, it is still possible. Always research the shop you are considering to buy from and the brand of the pump. If you are careful and thorough, you will end up with a quality product.

However, I know this advice can seem a little vague and like it doesn’t offer much to actually help you find your ideal penis pump. So, let’s break it down into sections of what you can look for while researching to make sure you get a quality pump.

1. Reviews:

I cannot stress how important it is to read reviews. However, reading is not enough in this situation, you also need to know how to detect a review that was written by the company in hopes of tricking you. The simple reality is that companies post fake reviews on their products all of the time. Generally speaking, if a review sounds too formal and mentions the product by its full name multiple times, it is most likely a fake review. Look for reviews where the writer tells you why they liked the product, but sound like they were written by an average person.

2. Look For How Long the Pump Has Been on the Market:

When it comes to buying a penis pump, it is important to look for a pump that has been on the market for longer than a year. Brand new pumps are more likely to be full of fake reviews and their quality cannot be guaranteed. Look for reviews on products that have been established on the market for a while already and then make your decision from there. While not all new products are going to be poor quality, as all products must start new at some point, it is better to be safe rather than sorry.

3. Guarantees:

When choosing a company to buy from, always make sure to check out their refund policies. If they have a money back guarantee, research if they follow through with it. It is always better to purchase from a source that honors their word and will refund your money if you do not see results. If they offer a warranty, it is even better as they will refund the product if something happens to it or you were given a model from a poorly made batch. Always make sure to read into their guarantees and if they follow through with them before you buy.

4. Prices:

It only makes sense to buy something that is a bang for your buck, but unfortunately, a lot of people think that high cost equals quality. While it can be an indication of quality, a high price point does not always mean that it will outperform a cheaper product. When looking for a pump, compare prices and then compare reviews. If something that is fifty dollars works as well as something that is one-hundred, it only makes sense to go for the cheaper option.

Very often, as a company becomes more established and takes on the role of being the “brand name,” their prices will become very high. More often than not, you can find a cheaper product that performs just as efficiently.

5. Results:

The final piece of advice I can give about picking the right pump is to pay attention to the results that others report. When scanning through reviews, keep in mind the results that seem to be the most common per product. It will give you an idea of how much enlargement on average a product can offer for you. If you know the size you want to reach, it can allow you to pick the product that is most likely to get you there, based on the results that other people have reported.

So What Brand Do I Recommend? What is the Best Penis Pump on the Market?

Now that I have shared everything I can about penis pumps, how to choose them, and how to use them, you are ready to find your own. The last bit of advice that I can give you is my own honest recommendation for a pump that I find particularly good at its job: the Penomet Penis Enlargement Pump.

My Penomet Review:

penis pumpPenomet is a water-based penis pump that offers guaranteed results and was created based on feedback from consumers. It is backed by two years of testing and can give you comfortable and safe enlargement.

Personally, I really like this product for one specific reason: it lets you control the pressure of the pump as you use it. I have always been very specific about finding a pump that is very safe for the body and one that actually works. I like that this model gives you that; in fact, it focuses on it. I always look for products that have secure warranties and guarantees, which this one does.

However, maybe you don’t trust my words on this product. After everything I have told you and warned you about, it only makes sense. Which is why I will include testimonies from other customers and not just my own words.

Penis Pump Reviews:

 “Using this product gave me results right away but they went away after intercourse. I kept using it and after a couple months, I noticed the size of my penis had increased by an inch and a half. It’s also wider now. It works and I will recommend it.” – J. Sanderson

“I like this product. It’s easy to use and straightforward. I started noticing a difference in size in just a couple of weeks.” -Michael B. Watson

“I have tried three different penis pumps and one of them was poorly made and hardly gave any pressure. After a while, I caved and tried this product. I have to say, I am very happy with the results and don’t regret the buy.” – D. Smith

“I had been taking different supplements for over a year with no results and a friend told me about this product. I bought it and I am finally seeing a change. I feel more secure being intimate with my girlfriend and she seems to be very happy with the change too.” – Rodger F.

“I’ve never had any luck with penis pumps but I decided to give it one last shot. After a while of searching, I came to this product. On a whim I got it. I have to say, I thought it wouldn’t work, but I was wrong. I’ve had it for three months and I’m much thicker now and put on another two inches.” – Taylor S.

So, Where Can I Buy a Penis Pump?

Buying a penis pump is done most commonly online. However, you can also buy them in adult stores where toys are sold. There are advantages and disadvantages to both methods. In a store, you can speak to the clerk about the product and ask questions about what is most frequently bought and if they know which product they carry is the best.

Online, you can do a lot more research and look for reviews. You can gather the information yourself and make a decision based off of your own findings. Not to mention, you don’t have to deal with the potential shame you could feel putting the product up on a counter in person. Buying online allows you to remain anonymous.

If you are looking for a specific penis pump based on your research, the brand more than likely has an online store. Not to mention, Amazon is always a good place to buy products and have them shipped to you quickly.


In conclusion, penis enlargement pumps are the superior product to buy for guaranteed results. They have an actual science backing them and treat other conditions, such as erectile dysfunction as well. However, perhaps the most beneficial aspect of a penis pump is that you can use it just before intercourse to temporarily increase the size of your penis; they are capable of giving you instantaneous results, which no other product on the market can truly promise.