Penis enhancement drugs Male Extra in my experience

Before talking about Male Extra, I thought it would be a good idea to tell you something about the person behind the story. You will find that I’m just an average guy in many ways, so you should find that you have a lot in common with what you are about to read. Middle aged, able to get a date without much of a problem, normal height and weight. Like most guys, some women think I’m good looking while others think I look like (or act like) the back end of a horse. We have all been there I guess.

Now if you are a younger man reading this, don’t think that what I’m about to share only applies to the over-40 group. The problem of getting quality information about male sexual enhancement pills is the same regardless of age, race, ethnicity, or what country you live in. The rule of thumb is, the more you know, the better. Reading customer reviews is fine, but though every man is biologically a man we each have our own unique genetic makeup. That means what works great for one man may not work as well for another. Again, the more you know, the better.


Common Information About Male Enhancement Pills Over the Counter (OTC)

male extraBuying male enhancement pills over the counter is not like it seems. I think of it back when condoms were the type of thing hidden away in the dark corners of drug stores (now more commonly known as pharmacies). The same general attitude applies, for the most part, to male enhancement drugs. Time magazine reported that Pfizer, a major pharmaceutical manufacturer, has moved in the direction of selling the prescription drug online “so consumers can avoid the embarrassment of picking the drug up at a pharmacy.” You won’t get any good or useful information by asking the gal at the checkout register or even the guy behind the pharmacy counter. So websites like this that provide buyers and potential buyers are essential to help you make the best buying decision.

First, let’s begin with where you can buy OTC male enhancement pills. Three major pharmacies – Walgreens and CVS – have them, making them available to most men. General Nutrition Centers, a more general type health care of store, also carries them. Now that you know where to shop for them, the next question to be answered is how you know which of the available brands are the top male enhancement pills chosen by men.

The best male enhancement pills over the counter that are worth your money will avoid making two claims that many of the lesser quality products tend to: that the results of the male enhancement pills is permanent, and the product guarantees an increase to the length of your penis. Male enhancement pills may increase your length but it cannot be guaranteed. The pills are a way to maximize your potential but your penis is not like the root of a tree. It cannot grow. And male enhancement pills are not a magic trick.

When browsing through the available options, be sure to check for ingredients that end up being present in prescription drugs. Another is that the presence of these drugs even with a doctor’s prescription can have serious side effects including a dangerous drop in blood pressure and blurred vision. What you don’t know can hurt you, so buying male enhancement pills that work from an over the counter store should be done patiently and cautiously.

Why I decided to write the Male Extra review

What I was looking for was the best of the best, an elite male enhancement supplement that had been proven through research and had a large base of users that I could read about their opinions to get a sense of their real life experiences. Sometimes I would come across a supplement that sounded great on paper but only had 10 actual verified purchase reviews.

After eliminating the bad, the liars, and the dangerous, I was left with three choices. My number one choice was Male Extra. It met my basic criteria, having more than 100,000 users and its results have been supported by research studies. But it also has a boatload of other advantages, so I decided to pass that information along to help you make your decision. Finding the best male enhancement pills may not be as enjoyable as sex, but as they say, one thing leads to another.

Expected results and side effects

You and everyone else who is reading this article want to know one thing – the Male Extra results. It was mentioned above that the results can vary from one man to another, so I found a review that is very good about what the majority of men can expect from Male Extra.

“I began using Male Extra 5 months ago and can confidently say that erectile dysfunction is no longer a part of my life. I have struggled to keep relationships over the years because of my problem, but with the support of Male Extra I am now the one in control of my sexual satisfaction.”

male extra resultsI wish I had written this review myself. This is a great way to approach the expectations of male enhancement pills that work fast. The user gave it enough time to fully meet his expectations (5 months) and at the end he gave Male Extra the credit for supporting the result of his sexual satisfaction. Notice he felt he was the one in control.

He didn’t see Male Extra as some sort of magic pill. He recognized his problem and knew he had to do his part. And the result Male Extra helped him achieve was in line with his expectations.

This user apparently did not encounter any side effects from using Male Extra, but there are a couple of general warnings I would like to point out and then do a quick look at specific ingredients and the problems they can cause. When reading the specific ingredient warnings it is important you remember that the side effects can occur with any supplement, male enhancement or otherwise, so for your own safety be aware of the ingredients of any supplement you take.

Generally, do not take Male Extra pills with any product or drug that contains sildenafil. The problem is Male Extra contains pomegranate, and the two may work too well. A potential result is you will not be able to lose your erection and permanently damage your penis if you do not immediately seek medical attention. A 4 hour erection may give your partner the thrill of a lifetime, but when considering the possibility it can never recover to a size bigger than 1 inch for the rest of your life (Male Extra won’t help) they will just have to wait for the next opportunity.

The second warning is that you may be allergic to any of the ingredients in Male Extra. Neither the manufacturer nor you have any control over what you are allergic to, and the Male Extra pills are what they are. Over 150,000 men have found virtually no problem using them, so for most men they are safe to use without complications.

Here is the short list of ingredients and their potential side effects.

male extra ingredient

  • l-Arginine – The biggest concern here is your blood pressure dropping too low. Men who suffer from asthma can experience an increase in asthmatic symptoms, and users may find their airway swelling up.
  • l-Methionine – This is one of the scarier problems as taking it in very high amounts can lead to brain damage and even death. The key here is to take Male Extra exactly as explained on the label. Pay attention to the reviewer above who waited 5 months to see the happy results. Taking higher doses of Male Extra has very little chance of speeding things up. The risk-reward ratio is way too high on the risk side.
  • Zinc Citrate – Your kidneys and stomach might get damaged by using Male Extra. There are no reports of this actually being a problem, but it is mentioned as a potential problem because of the known possible dangers, no matter how remote.

male extra ingredients

  • Niacin – I wanted to insert a personal note here on Niacin. Niacin is used as a treatment for people like myself whose good cholesterol levels are low. Doctors put me on a 500 mg a day treatment program. They warned me about the “flushing” sensation that was a common side effect. I was able to tolerate it, but for some men it may not be what they were expecting from a male enhancement pill. (By the way, the niacin treatment didn’t help my good cholesterol level increase.)

Advantages of using Male Extra

male extra advantages

That last section is about as simple and direct about what you can expect as I could make it. In fact, I like things that are simple because much of my life (including relationships) gets so complicated. The advantages of choosing Male Extra may actually be simpler.

  • The ingredients are all natural, reducing the possibility of unwanted side effects
  • There is a large base of users who are satisfied with their results and have experienced zero side effects
  • Clinical studies support the effectiveness of Male Extra
  • The results are measurable

I’ve covered the first two point thoroughly enough, and rather than go into detail about the clinical studies you can read about them on the Male Extra website ( As for the measurable results, you will see the progress over time. Some guys keep a log and measure the results week by week. It’s actually a good way to know if it is doing what it says it should, and whether to return the bottle for a refund. If you are not satisfied any time during the first 60 days you can return whatever is left over in its original packaging for a full refund. You don’t need a log as proof, but it is fair to ask how else are you going to know for sure how things are going?

Where to buy male extra

male extra priceI mentioned earlier where to buy Male Extra over the counter, but you can also order it online at their website For those who live down under, you can take advantage of Male Extra Australia shipping by using your VISA, MasterCard, or American Express credit or debit cards.

I hope you found this information useful. You should now be armed with enough information to make the best decision on what male enhancement pill is the right one for you.