Top 10 questions about penis growth to Mike Bridge

  • How Can I Increase the Size of My Penis?

For many men, a small penis is a source of insecurity. Some men do not care about their penis size, but others desire to fix the problem that they see with their own body, even if their penis is not considered under-average in size. Anxiety can cause many of these problems, as well as a lack of perspective about the size of an average penis. However, some men do have an undersized penis and, because it is a side effect of nature, it should not become a lifelong curse. how to increase penis size

There are many ways that people claim are effective methods to increase the size of your penis including taking pills, surgery, exercises, pumps, extension implants, enhancement creams, oils, and gels. Some of these methods are considered unscientific and purely as “snake-oil” products. Others are medically recognized as effective, but are invasive forms of enlargement and are a serious commitment.

The most important question to ask yourself is if you need to enlarge your penis. Typically, an erect penis can be five and a half inches long. If you are hitting that margin, your penis is average.

  • Do Penis Enlargement Pills and Creams Actually Work?

Do penis pills workThe truth is that there is no simple answer to this question. The answer can vary from both yes and to no depending on the individual definition of enlargement. If temporary enlargement is what you are interested in, then yes, these methods do work. However, this is not considered ideal enlargement.

Medical professionals widely consider pills and creams effective because they permanently increase the size of your penis or they seem  to have an effect. Sometimes, these methods just take time and repeated use. However, many creams merely irritate your penis and cause a briefly larger look.
Pills are thought to be a complete hoax. Because these products can be made with hazardous materials, they can be dangerous. When trying a new cream or pill, always make sure to read the label of its ingredients.

  • Has Anyone Ever Successfully Enlarged Their Penis?

Penis enlargement is possible and has been done numerous times in the past. Many men report the success of growth in length and girth when using stretching methods such as pumps and jelqing. Please note that using an unsafe pump can lead to tearing, tissue damage, and penile dysfunction. It is always best to discuss with your doctor first about which pump to use.

While surgery can be a successful form of penile enlargement, it is widely considered unsafe. It can lead to many complications, including scarring, tearing, and infection. Because the penis is such a sensitive body part, trauma can cause shrinkage and penile dysfunction. Before getting the surgery done, always research the doctor thoroughly and make sure you go to someone who has done the surgery successfully many times.

  • What Penis Size Do Women Prefer?

What penis size women preferWatching films can tell you that women want an incredibly large penis to be satisfied, but this is not true. The film is not the reality if life and most men do not have penises that large, nor do most women want them. The truth is that the average canal of a vagina is three to four inches long pre arousal. Women describe it to be painful to have sex with a man who has a usually large penis.

Multiple studies have shown that the perfect penis size for a woman is six inches. In most cases, a woman might not bat an eye or mind that a man has an average penis. Women only tend to mind when the penis is smaller than four inches, as intercourse might not feel as satisfying.

  • Is it Scientifically Possible to Enlarge Your Penis?

Some methods of penis enlargement are possible. Usually, three ways of enhancement are considered scientifically possible: surgical enlargement, stretching and hormonal enlargement. The issue is that these methods come with risks. Overall, surgical is considered the most dangerous way to enlarge your penis. Unfortunately, trauma tends to have intense side effects on penis function. Stretching is considered the safest way to enlarge your penis, but it takes months of time.

Hormones are another way to increase penis growth. After all, when you first hit puberty, it is hormones that send signals to the penis to increase in size. However, hormones can also have impacts on the body and should have much consideration taken into account.

  • Is Olive Oil an Effective Penis Enlarger?

Olive oil is a conventional lubricant to use alongside a penis enlargement technique called Jelqing. Jelqing is a stretching technique. It is frequently performed to the penile tissue and is also commonly called “milking” because of the massage motions used to stretch out the appendage. Olive oil is used when massaging the penis to keep the surface of the skin lubricated. It is necessary to use a lubricant to avoid burns or bruises.

Many men claim that jelqing does increase penis size, but it can take up to a year to see real results. Jelqing must be done carefully as tissue can tear and become damaged. When it comes to pumps or stretching your penis, less is more.

  • Does Applying Honey to Your Penis Make it Larger?

HoneyHoney is not considered a scientific form of penis enlargement. However, some men do report temporary growth during intercourse after using honey on their penis. The claim is that massaging your penis with honey before having sex can increase its length and girth slightly.

Truthfully, it is more likely that honey is an irritant to the penis. Temporarily it can irritate the skin of the penis and make it swell slightly, seeming to increase the size. The growth is often said to disappear in an hour or two, a fact that considerably aids the theory that honey is nothing more than an irritant.

  • Does Cucumber Increase Penis Size?

There is absolutely no scientific evidence that eating certain foods can lead to penis growth. Aphrodisiacs are scrutinized heavily by the medical community as most have been studied to cause nothing more than a placebo effect. However, a placebo effect cannot make your penis grow in size.

Cucumber or other phallic-shaped fruits and vegetables cannot lead to penis growth, and it is a waste of time to adjust your diet to include them more regularly. Perhaps the one way that cucumber could help is by incorporating more vegetables into your diet and helping you take off a couple of pounds. Many men report that losing weight made their penis appear larger afterward as there is no longer any excess body fat around the area.

  • Does Leech Oil Cause Penis Growth?

Leech oil is quickly being considered an excellent alternative to olive oil while performing jelqing. Supposedly, it has properties that increase blood flow to the penis before intercourse, therefore increasing its size. However, it has never been scientifically proven to cause any penis enlargement. For the most part, it is widely considered a “snake-oil” product.

It is important to realize that it is not the oil that causes any possible enlargement of your penis in these practices. It is the jelqing technique, as it stretches the penis out slowly over time through multiple sessions. The oil has nothing to do with the enhancement; it merely acts as a lubricant while performing the technique.

  • Can Masturbation Increase the Length and Girth of Your Penis?

can masturbation increase penis sizeMasturbation can increase the length and girth of your penis temporarily because arousal creates blood flow, enlarging the appendage naturally. However, it will not permanently enhance the length or girth of your penis. If masturbation were, many men would not have the problem of a small penis.

Masturbating before intercourse can only make your penis more sensitive while having sex with your partner, as arousal already took place. The second arousal can create even more blood flow to the penis, and therefore it can become slightly larger. But the truth is that it will only temporarily increase the size of your penis by a very slight amount. It is not a permanent fix to your problem and will never add entire inches onto the length of your penis.