Black Ant Pills: How Safe and Effective Is the Remedy?

Black Ant Pills belongs to male enhancement dietary supplements. Its major purpose is to improve men’s health. In line with this, the manufacturer claims to have created a remedy, which allows prolonged intercourses and better orgasm quality.

The product in discussion is also helpful when an individual suffers from erectile dysfunction. The product’s name is derived from its core ingredient – black ants, which are widely used in Chinese medicine.

On this market, there are many topical products pretending to present a unique formula based on 100% natural ingredients. Such claims should always be taken with a grain of salt. Let’s try to find out whether the company’s claims have solid grounds.

About the Manufacturer

Black AntUnfortunately, there is almost no information on the Internet regarding the Black Ant Pills manufacturer. The product has not an official website as well. By potential customers, this should be perceived as a definite disadvantage as making the right choice requires conducting a comprehensive analysis. In this case, no contacts or client support channels are provided.

Whom Is This For?

Only adult male individuals are recommended to try Black Ant Pills. The decision can result from the person’s desire to boost his performance in bed.

A comprehensive research is the tool to help understand how safe and effective a product is. Short-term wins should not come at the expense of the condition of other body functions, So knowing risks and possible side effects is of a primary importance. Not each dietary supplement suits everyone.

How It Works

To achieve the claimed goals, the product’s formulation has been built around a selection of natural herbs. As the label sais, the effect is durable, up to 7 days. The underlying mechanism involves boosting testosterone production in the male body, which helps prevent premature ejaculation during an intercourse.

Basic benefits include:

  • improved sexual performance;
  • avoidance of premature ejaculation;
  • harder and more durable erections;
  • better libido;
  • positive effects on the general health.

Also, an advanced version of the product is offered, which bears the name Black Ant King Pill. It has been created for the same purpose and features a more pronounced effect.

Key Ingredients

Any information on natural ingredients the formulation is based upon is scarce. Nevertheless, what we know for sure is that the blend includes:

  • Black Ants (aka Polyrhachisvicina Roger). They have a tonic effect powerful enough to increase sexual activity and are rich in vitamins and essential minerals. They have been used for ages to improve potency, fertility, digestive processes and the musculoskeletal system condition.
  • Formica Sanguinea. This is another ant species possessing similar properties. Specifically, it is effective in boosting the human body’s immunity.
  • Ginseng root (extract) is a common ingredient of many male-enhancement-focused dietary supplements. The substance is known to have a comprehensive healthy effect including energy supply, boosting the blood flow and improving the quality of erections.
  • Hippocampi, aka sea horse extract, improves the condition of the prostate and the genitor-urinary system in general.
  • Medlar. This ingredient is not only a well-known aphrodisiac, but also a remedy for bloated stomach, constipation and metabolism problems.

Additionally, the formulation contains a proprietary mixture of essential amino acids and trace minerals. While the company reveals no details, it remains unclear whether the product’s composition can be regarded as a 100% natural.

Possible Side Effects

The fact that the product contains only natural ingredients allows to suggest that risks of serious side effects are minimum. However, we cannot know for sure what the proprietary mixture of microelements holds. In this context, it is useful to be aware that FDA made a warning in respect to Black Ant King in 2015. According to the market regulator, the advanced version of the product contains some sildenafil (it is also present in Viagra). Risks arise from the substance’s ability to interact with certain chemicals that many prescription drugs are built upon). Specifically, people with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and high cholesterol levels fall into the group of risk.

It is strongly advisable to consult your physician prior to deciding on taking a course of the dietary supplement.

How to Use the Pills

Black Ant Pills should be taken one capsule at least thirty minutes before an intercourse. Reportedly, the effect can last as long as 24 hours, so exceeding the daily dosage should be avoided by any means.

If the effect is too strong, it can be reduced by drinking a lot of water.

User Review Generalization

Actual user reviews are difficult to find for this dietary supplement, which makes the assessment process difficult. The fact that the product is not offered on Amazon only aggravates the situation. In fact, it remains absolutely unclear whether the pills have been ever covered by a sound review at all.

The only available opinions can be found on personal blogs only. They tend to be slightly negative to neutral. In general, they cannot be considered as a valid proof of evidence.

Making a Purchase

Given the product neither has its official website nor is available from the Amazon store, its sales channels remain absolutely unclear. Not being marketed actively is another reason to stay alert. Probably, the product is available on other, less reputable sites online. However, a quick search does not reveal any marketplaces where it is present.

Final Words

To summarize the above facts, we can conclude that there are too many risks associated with Black Ant Pills as well as too little information to dissipate our concerns.

The hidden part of the formula, which we have revealed before, can ruin the claimed idea of this product being absolutely natural and safe. Typically, reputable manufacturers tend to show all ingredients of their products to make the potential audience trust their claims. This is not the case with this dietary supplement though.

Absence of any feedbacks from actual users means that you can be the first to play a guinea-pig role. This is not what most customers long to. Only proven feedbacks from real-life customers can provide evidences of a product’s effectiveness.

That being said, the final verdict is: you will be better off to look around and search for other male enhancement alternatives.