Androzene Review: Is This the Optimum Choice for Male Enhancement?

Androzene is a supplement claimed to be an effective remedy for those seeking to improve their male health and sexual performance. There are numerous products of this kind on the market, which are primarily sold online or on the over-the-counter basis. Prior to making your choice it is always helpful to get familiar with different available options and their specific advantages and drawbacks. This is just what you will find below in regard to Androzene.

Androzene: What Is This?

The product is a dietary supplement focused on male enhancement. This means the major purpose of Androzene is the sexual performance improvement in male patients, which is achieved mainly through raising energy levels in the body and elevating mood.

The product in question features a formula combining a number of herbal ingredients, which, when working together, have a positive effect on mood, sexual stamina and erection quality in men.

About the Manufacturer

AndrozeneWho makes a product plays an important role and determines the product’s credibility. So finding out this information is the first step a customer should undertake when he/she comes across a catchy advertisement.

Androzene is produced and marketed by Health Club Diet, an American company. Its contacts (phone number and address) are easily available on the Internet, which speaks in favor of the manufacturer.

A further search, however, reveals that the situation is not so straightforward, and the company has been involved in multiple lawsuits due to their dubious business practices. Also, there were some cases regarding false claims and side effects.

Whom Is It For?

The product under discussion is a mood-improvement remedy designed for men seeking better sexual performance. Reportedly, this supplement can improve sexual stamina and make erections longer and harder. As such, it can be recommended to men suffering from erectile dysfunction of any sort. Along with that, the manufacturer stresses that the product is not for individuals younger than 30.

Anyways, consulting your doctor prior to starting a dietary supplement course is always a good idea.

How Does It Work?

The product’s action is based on a unique delivery system called AnroPhase, which secures that the remedy’s active substances stay in the patient’s body for an extended period of time. This in turn results in longer and harder erections and more satisfaction from the sexual life.

Major ingredients

Another important aspect one should know about the dietary supplement he is going to take is its composition. Androzene’s formula has been built around the following ingredients:

  • Niacin, or nicotinic acid, is known to promote muscle relaxation and blood vessel expansion. Due to these properties, the substance is commonly used in multiple erectile dysfunction treatment remedies.
  • Guarana seed (extract) is helpful when it comes to balancing the body weight as well as improving performance and increasing energy in athletes.
  • Taurine is a common ingredient of energy drinks. It promotes the electrolyte balance and improves the functioning of metabolic and cardiovascular systems.
  • Ginkgo Biloba (extract) promotes the erection quality improvement through boosting the blood flow in the genital area. Strength and energy supply is another benefit provided by this substance.
  • Saw Palmetto is a well-known ingredient widely used in numerous remedies focused on improving the prostate health.
  • Nettle root (extract) is known to improve the quality of erections. This is why the substance is widely used in erectile dysfunction treatment remedies. It is also helpful with a variety of other conditions like lung congestions, kidney stones, urination problems or anemia.
  • Caltrop is a famous hormone booster of natural origin. It is widely used in bodybuilder training courses to promote gaining the body mass.
  • Yohimbe (extract) effectively boosts the testosterone production and sexual performance improvement in men.
  • Eleuthero root (extract) helps treat a variety of conditions which are associated with the state of blood vessels and heart.
  • Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa (extract) is able to boost the blood flow to the pelvic area and penis, which is beneficial to the quality and duration of erections. androzene_ingredients

Each of the ingredients listed above is known to be effective in fulfilling it’s task. Unfortunately, the manufacturer provides no information in regard to specific amounts of the substances present in their product.

Possible Side Effects

Some side effects associated with this dietary supplement have been reported on the Internet, while the manufacturer seems not to assume any responsibility for these cases. Typical complaints posted by users include high blood pressure, agitation, nausea, dizziness, stomach problems, kidney failure, sleeping problems and even heart attacks.

As for the product’s primary purpose, most users say the remedy really works, and they were able to achieve better sexual performance. Sadly, the risks outbalance the benefits significantly. That being said, the supplement should be used with caution, if you still decide to give it a try.

Recommended Dosages

The product’s official website recommends taking one pill orally, one to three times daily, preferably, just prior to going to bed or an intercourse. Taking on an empty stomach is advised.


To summarize, this is a dubious product, which offers both clear benefits and certain risks.


  • The formula contains only natural ingredients;
  • A money back guarantee is offered.


  • Numerous side effects, while not acknowledged by the manufacturer;
  • Lots of negative reviews available online;
  • The provided list of ingredients shows no specific amounts;
  • The product’s effectiveness have not been confirmed by relevant studies.

Making a Purchase

Androzene is offered for sale both from its official website and the Amazon store.

Each bottle containing 90 pills is sold for $124.99 plus shipping costs. The manufacturer provides a money back guarantee for 30 days.

Is This a Worthy Option?

Based on the above information, the drawbacks are serious. It looks like the contras outweigh the pros.

Numerous lawsuits that the company faces are another reason to be on alert. Being accused of false claims does not add to the company’s credibility at all.

Reported side effects should make you think twice prior to rushing to buy this dietary supplement. The dangers are both numerous and grave, which means multiple groups of risk and, consequently, significantly reduces the potential target audience.