Alpha Male XL Review - Does it really work?

Under the brand name of Alpha Male XL, a dietary supplement is offered on the market. The main purpose of this product is to help men regain vigor and vitality by means of boosting the testosterone production in the body. Additionally, the remedy has proven to be helpful with a number of health problems including those related to the bone or muscle mass, blood circulation, sexual drive, stamina, energy and others.

alphamalexlThis wide range of addressed problems is not just a groundless claim. The effect is achieved due to the unique formula of the product discussed here, which is based on well-known minerals and plant extracts commonly used in this industry. According to the manufacturer’s product presentation made on the product’s official website, Alpha Male XL boasts a really outstanding comprehensive action on the human body.

About the Manufacturer

Alpha Male XL has been designed and produced by Alpha Male Distribution, a Florida-located company. While it is difficult to find its official website, that of the product provides us clear contact details including e-mail, a phone number and a physical address. So everyone having any concern about the company or the product it presents can reach the support team easily to know more.

Whom Is Alpha Male XL for?

Men who are not satisfied with their sexual life form a potential target audience for this dietary supplement. Taking the pills on a regular basis can reportedly improve endurance, supply energy and fortify your stamina. However, not only men experiencing some sexual problems can take advantage of the product. Those just seeking to boost pleasure of an intercourse or gain extra sexual drive can consider using this remedy too.

The fact that the pill has a beneficial effect on an individual’s blood pressure further extends the audience’s boundaries. This quality actually reduces risks of getting cardiovascular diseases.

How Does This Work?

Alpha Male XL’s effectiveness results from a unique formula of this dietary supplement. It presents a combination of natural ingredients, which have been known for ages to boost the natural testosterone production in the male body. Nitric oxide is the core element that this formula is built around. This is because it has a beneficial effect not only in terms of the sexual performance, but also in terms of a patient’s general health.

A man’s sexual performance fades over time, which is a result of natural ageing processes developing in the human body. Consequently, stamina and libido decrease gradually. This is actually when Alpha Male XL can help. The technology behind this remedy fights against the libido depletion thus delaying the sexual function fading. Marketed in the form of pills, the supplement is extremely easy to use and available to everyone.


Alpha Male XL uses ingredients well-known in this industry for their effectiveness. Some of them have been used for ages, while others present a new advancement of the technology in subject. The core ingredients providing a basis for this formula are:

  • Horny goat weed. This herb’s ability to boost the blood flow to the penis has been proven by numerous strict studies. When properly supplied with blood and able to retain it, the penis can show high-quality erections. This is actually the underlying principle of all male enhancement dietary supplements.
  • Mucuna Pruriens. Enhanced libido and improved endurance are only some of this herbal extract’s benefits. So it deservedly has found its place in this blend.
  • Maca powder. This substance is valued for its ability to increase sperm’s count and quality. Additionally, it boosts libido.
  • Polypodium vulgare. This is another natural ingredient famous for its beneficial effect on men’s sexual health.
  • Saw palmetto. This iconic plant helps prevent prostate-related problems.
  • L-arginine belongs to amino acids, which have multiple beneficial effects on the human body.
  • Panax ginseng. This substance is an effective preventative remedy. Additionally, it helps boost libido and remove erectile dysfunctions.alpha-male-xl-ingredients

Possible Side Effects

The major precaution to be aware of is that the product in question should not be taken by people suffering from high blood pressure or taking some medicines to stabilize it. Specifically, L-arginine is known to cause the blood pressure lowering.

People on anti-depressants should be especially cautious too, because certain ingredients may show an adverse interaction.

People with heart conditions or cardiovascular disorders fall into the risk group too. Taking Alpha Male XL is not advised in this case.

Some users report minor side effects with the most common ones being headaches, numbness, excessive sweating and urination, anxiety and sporadic panic attacks.

Recommended Dosages

Alpha Male XL comes in bottles 30 pills each. A recommended daily dosage is two pills, which means one package covers a 15-days need. While some people choose to double the dose to achieve a faster effect, this is not a recommended approach.

Men below 18 and people falling into risk groups are not advised to take the pills at all. If you have any concerns, visit your doctor to obtain individual instructions.

Anyways, the course should be stopped immediately as soon as side effects occur.

Customer Review Generalization

Most users report that it takes some time before the effect of Alpha Male XL becomes noticeable. This is an important consideration to remember when choosing this male enhancement method. This means, this is not a short-term remedy. Actually, too short administration period can be the cause behind those negative reviews that report the supplement was absolutely ineffective in their case.

Some users report having faced the aforementioned side effects, which mostly were not grave though. Nevertheless, potential risks should be always considered when taking a decision on using this supplement.

How to Purchase?

This dietary supplement can be ordered on the product’s official website. A bottle containing 30 pills is offered at $29.99 plus shipment costs here. This is a two-week course.

Also, the product can be found on Amazon. Here, you can see independent reviews too.


The desire to improve sexual performance is natural for men. However, some male enhancement methods have certain risks. Dietary supplements are an effective and relatively safe approach, so they deserve trying out.

Obviously, Alpha Male XL has its advantages and drawbacks and is not the best offer out there. This pill does not suit everyone. Given this is a rather cheap, safe and easy-to-use option, it can be recommended to men possessing no risk factors.